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Treatment of ASR (automobile shredder residue) at TDP-2-200

The trial operation of TDP-2-200 continuous pyrolysis plant was successfully conducted at the industrial site of Wiederkehr Recycling AG (Switzerland). The commissioning and pilot tests were carried out in June 2018. Dry residue, synthetic fuel, pyrolysis... 

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Pyrolysis equipment ongoing shipments to Europe

Next scheduled batch of components for TDP-2-2000 pyrolysis plant was sent to Estonia from IPEC production site by the order of Viru Keemia Grupp, one of the world’s largest producers of shale oil. The equipment was designed for the treatment of... 

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TDP-2-2000 delivery continues to Europe

The second batch of the equipment, condensing assembly and an operator control unit, was sent to the Viru Keemia Grupp (Estonia) from IPEC production site within waste shale sludge management project. The condensing unit will serve two TDP-2-2000 continuous... 

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Drill cuttings processing facility at the new landfill in Komi

TDP-2-800 drill cuttings pyrolysis plant manufactured by IPEC will become the central object of the landfill at the Shchelyaure oilfield. The facility is designed for processing oil-contaminated soil, oily wastes generated during emergency spills of oil... 

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Nutshell waste to activated coal conversion at TDP-2-200 pyrolysis unit. VIDEO!

Trial tests of processing pistachio shell at TDP-2-200 pyrolysis unit with subsequent activated coal production was carried out at the end of June 2017. Offbeat raw material, 700 kg of crop residue, was processed at the pilot continuous pyrolysis plant... 

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Shale waste pyrolysis plant TDP-2-2000 sent to the Customer in Estonia

IPEC had received an order from Viru Keemia Grupp for shale waste pyrolysis plant in April 2017. The agreement was made for the manufacturing of the complex based on two Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plants TDP-2-2000, with a productive capacity of... 

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Crop residue was converted into activated coal at continuous pyrolysis plant

A test run of pistachio waste to activated coal was carried out successfully at the IPEC production site at the end of June 2017. The process was executed in two stages.  Firstly, the nutshell waste was thermally decomposed in oxygen-free environment... 

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TDP-2-2000 plant of high capacity put into operation at Kuyumbinskoye oil-gas field

Service Company BT-Promotkhody successfully prolonged its contractual obligations with JSC NGK Slavneft for 2017. The modernized model TDP-2-2000 was put into operation at Kuyumbinskoye oilfield aside from the two already operating TDP-2-800 units.... 

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TDP-2-2000: continuous pyrolysis plant for shale-processing waste

Last month IPEC and leading Estonian company on shale oil and shale-chemicals production made a contract on manufacturing and procurement of pyrolysis plant.TDP-2-2000 (2 units) is capable of processing finely divided ash-bearing fuel with the minimum... 

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