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Treatment of ASR (automobile shredder residue) at TDP-2-200

Section: News

The trial operation of TDP-2-200 continuous pyrolysis plant was successfully conducted at the industrial site of Wiederkehr Recycling AG (Switzerland).

The commissioning and pilot tests were carried out in June 2018. Dry residue, synthetic fuel, pyrolysis gas were obtained as a result of the decomposition of wood waste.


Up to 65 kW of energy were generated by Capstone C65 microturbine due to the pyrolysis gas produced by pyrolysis plant within pilot run of the facility in September 2018.

Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-2-200) was designed for the ASR (automobile shredder residue) treatment. The modernized gas cleaning system satisfies environmental standards of European legislation.

TDP-2-200 Continuous Pyrolysis Plant ASR Treatment Plant