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Pyrolysis of tyres. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology

Section: News, Useful information

Thermal decomposition of used tyres and rubber products, known as pyrolysis technology, is based on thermal degradation of feedstock under the high temperatures and oxygen-free environment into the products with the smaller molecular mass: liquid pyrolysis oil, carbon black and metal.

Pyrolysis can be referred to non-polluting waste management. Decomposition of tyres takes an average of 150 years in the natural environment, and is accompanied by a leaching of toxic organic compounds into the soil. However, most of the used tyres are stored at landfills, buried or burned. Not all these methods are environmentally friendly. No residues that require disposal remains because of the pyrolytic process. The materials derived do not contain highly toxic substances; the combustion products are stored: emissions of harmful substances are below the specified requirements.

High quality outputs obtained during the process are the main benefit of the technology. Low-temperature pyrolysis decomposes the tires into suitable for use products, which can be used for other purposes.

As an alternative technology for energy recovery pyrolysis has minimum impact on the environment and is capable to generate both heat and electricity.

Pyrolysis of tyres is the most, environmentally friendly and cost-effective waste treatment technology that capable to process recyclables, obtain valuable materials and generate electricity.