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Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-2-800)

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800-1500 kg/h
processing speed
continuous operation
qty of cycles of processing per day
35 kW
380 volt
power consumption
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INTENDED USE:  Innovative low-temperature pyrolysis process for thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon-containing waste with the recovery of pyrolysis gas, liquid fuel oil, and biochar (carbon black).


—    Industrial rubber goods, tyres

—    Waste plastic, polypropylene bag (big bag), film

—    Blend of polymers (PE, PP, PS)

—    Lubricating and heavy oils, any type of solvents

—    Oil sludge, drilling waste

Usage of the products derived from hydrocarbon-containing materials:

  • The biochar can be used as solid and liquid fuel, carbon black, soil enhancer
  • Recovered heat is used locally (with an optional heat-exchanger (recuperator)
  • Pyrolysis oil is used as fuel for renewable chemical industries:

—  low grade fuel in boiler units
—  fuel of higher quality, such as diesel (with an optional rectification column)

  • Pyrolysis gas is used:

—    for the heating in the process

—    electric power generation (with an optional microturbines)

—    as fuel for burners or gas engines

Usage of the product derived from brine-based materials:

  • Distilled water is used as:

— drilling solution preparation
— drinking water (with an optional rectification column)

  • Dry residue is used as asphalt filler and concrete additives
  • Recovered heat is used locally (with an optional heat-exchanger (recuperator)


1. The source material is continuously fed into pyrolysis chamber from the hopper/by the pump.

2. The pyrolysis chamber is heated by the mixed fuel burner installed in furnace.

4. Liquid fuel is used for the plant startup. It is self-fed from fuel tank to the burner.

7. After the startup the burner capacity is lowered and heating is carried out on pyrolysis gas.

3. Vapor and gas mix is cooled in the condensation system, then in heat exchanger by recirculation.

6. Vapor and gas mix product is fed  from the heat exchanger to the gas-liquid separator where flows are separated.

=> LIQUID FUEL  is drained to receiver tank, then enters the fuel tank or to the storage.

=> GAS  is fed to the burners.

7. DRY RESIDUE  is discharged by screw conveyor to the air tight hopper, where it cools and further to the storage bin.

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Continuous Thermal Decomposition Plant (TDP-2-800)

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